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Why join the fight?

Sickle cell is bad enough, deprivation and lack of access to good care and management is worse. We just want to make a difference no matter how small to the lives of warriors in disadvantaged communities.


Join us either through becoming a partner, a volunteer or a donor.

Volunteer and become a member of FTA. We are looking for kind and like-minded volunteers who can assist us to serve and support the communities that need us.


You could be saving a life!



Imagine the life of a child living with sickle cell, the pain and ongoing suffering they have to go through? The threat of complications such as strokes, organ imagine, multiple hospitalisations all which impact their quality of life and life chances. But imagine having to live with this condition and exist in deprivation and poverty in rural communities in Nigeria. Many of these individuals and families end up not making it at all, like one of our warriors Peter Daniel who died in 2020.


We really want to make a difference in the lives of these families whether its basic medicines and supplements for sickle cell, access to basic care such a simple blood test, malaria prevention and wellness packs that can help stay well at home and manage their conditions as much as possible outside hospitals. We can help many communities through your generous donations. Please help us.

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