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  • June Okochi


Here are a few amazing books on sickle cell that have educated me further on the experiences of other warriors. It’s such an achievement to write a book, publish it and use the contents to touch the lives of others. So here is to some amazing authors I have read so far.

I Only Cry At Night by P. Allen Jones (a beautiful narrative I enjoyed)

A World Without Sickle Cell by Peace Adetoro (a fictional romantic novel about sickle cell)

Pain-Less by Lady Anne Welsh (a book about the discovery of joy living with sickle cell. It’s also very educational for parents, children and adults. A genuine story of Anne’s life navigating sickle)

How to Live with Sickle Cell Disorder by Olu Akinyanju and Adebiyi Olujohungbe ( a book by 2 physicians to support adults with sickle cell to foster a better understanding of the condition)

Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Money, Medicine, and Mysteries of Blood by Rose George- fascinating read into the amazing power of blood with some references to sickle cell. I sat on the panel of the reading of the book by the author, Rose organised by the Royal College of Pathology. If you get blood transfusions, this book is a must!

As we discover more books beneficial to the sickle cell community, we will post here. If you know a good book, please tag us on Instagram at @fittoachieve!

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