Join us in our journey to support sickle warriors in
Nigeria and West Africa

Be part of individuals making a huge impact in the world.

Fit to Achieve Sickle Foundation

Fit To Achieve (F2A) Sickle Foundation is a charity which was set up to support people living with sickle cell disorder in West Africa communities. F2A was set up in 2013 but became a registered charity in 2015.

The charity was found by June Okochi, who suffers from sickle cell herself.


June wants to use her experience living with sickle cell both in the UK and Nigeria to help other sufferers live a manageable and decent quality of life through increasing awareness, improved knowledge about the condition, better access to the right care and treatment, and an improved understanding of self-management techniques.

The name of the foundation was honed from a movement and belief that anyone born with sickle cell, with the right level of care and support can live relatively well to achieve their life goals and ambitions.

Please join us in our journey to support sickle warriors in Nigeria and West Africa.


If you wish to support people living with this debilitating genetic disease in any way, shape or form, please contact us.


You will be part of individuals making a huge impact in the world. Thank you!

June Okochi



June was diagnosed with sickle cell before the age of 1 with the SS genotype. She says growing up with sickle cell as a child was harder than living with the condition as an adult as she began to understand the condition better and learn the limitations of the condition including the patterns and triggers of her crises.

June has a B.A in English Literature, PgD in Business and Research and a MBA. June was born in London and lives in London. However, she grew up in Nigeria and therefore understands the impact and challenges of local health services in Africa on people living with sickle cell.


June has spent most of her career with the National Health Service in the UK, working in commissioning health care services and working on national and local transformation programmes in change management. When June is not working, she is being creative, writing poetry, travel stories, journaling and putting anything she feels like down on paper.


June has several interests specifically around the arts and culture. She travels a lot, enjoys writing, dancing, horse riding, is a bit of a foodie, and generally enjoys wellbeing events like spa, yoga and reflexology. Ultimately, she enjoys spending time with her partner, family and closest friends and her laughter is known to shake a room and make others laugh out loud.

June is a life serving volunteer who supports a number of charities, more specifically the Sickle Cell Society in the UK.


June’s ultimate purpose is to support individuals living with sickle cell where possible to live healthy lives and have a reasonable quality of life. She wants to share all her experiences with young people to support them to manage their condition really well and rise above sickle cell.


June's work in the UK sickle communities.


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