Our Programs

Our programs include provision of sickle cell wellness packs that could be used at home or in hospital to support children and young people living with sickle cell.



We hosted our breakfast morning in March 2022.

It was a successful event, hosted by a very special guest and our Visitor of the Year ‘Mama V’, a 70 plus year old warrior.

She wowed us, the warriors and their mothers.

She was able to teach and share all her golden tips of living with sickle cell and being successful at it! We can’t wait to host her again. We will be sharing her story here. Keep an eye out for a ‘special’ on one of Nigeria’s finest and oldest sickle cell warriors.

We know that her lessons will stay with the warriors and their parents

 Education never stops for us!


We held our pain management at home educational event in Nov 2021 with over 50 attendees, children, young people and their parents. We educated warriors on the importance of understanding triggers to sickle cell crisis, understanding pain score, and using heat therapy as form of soothing and managing low level pain.


We provided home remedy bags to all warriors comprising of heat pads, pain massage oils, hot water bottles, blankets, note books, supplements, soothing teas and treats for the younger kids.


We know malaria is significant trigger for sickle cell crisis

As part of our ongoing support for our children and young people, we are committed to educating them, providing aid for them and empowering them to live healthy lives! This is one program we successfully delivered for warriors in Abuja, Nigeria summer of 2021. We provided malaria prevention essentials and a food bank.

The food bank was provided as a way to teach warriors about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy with sickle cell!

Thanks to all who supported us to do this!


We know access to folate is important for those living with sickle cell as it helps make new red blood cells, replaces any depleted folate and reduces risks of anaemia and complications.
Daily oral intake of folic acid is advised for those living with sickle cell.

We will be distributing folic acid and B Complex supplements to our warriors who live in rural communities in Enugu state ahead of World Sickle Cell Day 2021.

If you require folic acid and live in Abuja or Enugu or you know warriors who need it, please use the contact form to make a request, leaving your name and contact number


We had an outreach clinic in rural Abuja communities in May 2021. We partnered with Epiconsult Diagnostics to set up a spoke mobile screening
clinic in Mabushi village where every child and young person who attended were screened for their genotype and blood group. Results will be provided to the beneficiaries to enable them have access to a formal sickle cell diagnosis as well as their blood group.
This information will also support warriors who require a blood exchange from Epinconsult Diagnostics.