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Sponsor a warrior today and make a difference in their life. At our charity, we offer a range of sponsorship options that include wellness packs, folic acid supplies, and health treatments for those in need. Our mission is to provide pain relief and sustainable support to improve the lives of warriors, and we rely on your funding and donations to make it happen. Consider a yearly sponsorship or committed donations to support our cause.

Sponsoring a warrior will make an immediate difference to their lives. Our foundation offers sponsorship options for any budget and for either a one-off donation or a sustained one to help a warrior throughout the year of the lives. If you would like to sponsor a donation for a warrior, please choose from our sponsor packages.

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This can be a one off, or ongoing sponsor

Warrior recieves sponsoship and changes their life


Fit to Achieve is solely reliant on donations to support programs and deliver care and treatment to communities. Sustained donations allow consistent support and reliable care to be maintained and offers reassurance to warriors that their care and needs will be met. These are some sponsorship options, but any monthly or even one off donation that you can give makes a difference and could save a life.

Through your support of Fit to Achieve, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals living with sickle cell disease. We offer a range of sponsorship options to help you support our warriors, including monthly donations for ongoing support, or one-time donations tied to a particular sponsorship opportunity. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can support our work, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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'To Spread the word and help influenece and affect people's lives who are dealing with sickle cell. Fit to Acheive is an avenue where you can connect and learn more.''

Daniel Egurube


'Volunteering for fit to achieve has given me more purpose, helping others and seeing aid and help get to people who need it. So glad i offered the time i had to support.''


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