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Helping Sickle Warriors Overcome

Our Mission

Fit To Achieve Sickle Cell Foundation was set up to support people living with sickle cell disorder in West African communities. The name of the foundation was honed from the belief that anyone born with sickle cell, with the right level of care and support can live relatively well to ACHIEVE their life goals and ambitions.

What We Do

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Supportive programs delivering care, education and resources to dedicated communities
and sickle warriors.

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Fundraising events dedicated to raising funds and awareness in which to support mission goals and help make a difference.

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Scholarship programs designed to help children with sickle cell pursue higher education while managing their medical challenges.

Our  Donations

The heart of our mission is to help West African communities in need. With funding solely from donations, we are able to support warriors with healthcare, education, nutrition, and other programs that are vital for their well-being. Your generous donation can help support our efforts, and make a real difference in the lives of those we serve. 

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Our Recent Fundraiser

Nov 2023
was a ticketed fundraiser for a clothing sale. The event generated £1,615 for the foundation. 


Our Next Program

Our Scholarship programs have launched in September 2023. We are currently funding two warriors through school and piloting the program.

"Sickle cell hasn't got you,
you've got it."

June Okochi

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